Write for us

We welcome guest bloggers to contribute to our blog. Our blog focuses on topics related to Regulatory Affairs in Canada, USA and Europe. Other regions will also be considered on request.

If you want to be a guest blogger the following will be required.

1. Register at the website as a contributor. Send a short bio, your website url and a short outline of the topic you would like to write about to job@regulatoryaffairs-consultants.ca
We will tell you if the topic is of interest to us and will give you suggestions. If all goes well you will be asked to write an article of 600-1200 words. Follow the following guidelines
2. You must be the author of the content and it must be original and never been published before in the internet. The post must bring value to the reader. If there are tips the reader can use include them. Readers like to read something that helps them to solve a problem or understand something better. Use a strong hypnotic headline that encourages further reading.
3. Make sure that the post is easy to read with no grammatical or factual errors. It must be well formatted. As is appropriate include headers and sub-headers. As appropriate remember to use bold to emphasize certain facts. In addition use bullets or numbered lists where to improve readability.
4. Do not submit your article before you have edited and proofread as it might be rejected.
5. You can add two or three sentences at the end of the post about yourself. These sentences should include your name and one or two links to your websites.
6. The post should be saved as draft and sent as a text file with no html tags to  job@regulatoryaffairs-consultants.ca.

7. Wait for us to review the submitted draft post.
8. When your post goes live login and check for any typos and correct them. You can now begin to promote the blog to readers and followers in social media.
2. Don’t forget to check regularly so that you can reply to responses to the blog post.