How we give superior service

There are many components of our  superior service. The following are some of the ingredients of our services.

Response time

We will return your calls within a few minutes or hours or the first thing in the morning if you call us late in the afternoon. In case you contact us by email, we will respond within 24 hours.

We respect deadlines

We deliver our reports or and anything agreed on before the deadline. In the worst case we deliver on the deadline. This includes final requests or changes that you may require. Once we have agreed to take up a project we strive to complete it as agreed. You will never have to follow-up with us to obtain an awaited report or a document.

Your project will be our priority

We give you and the project priority. You will not be taken for granted. We will give you undivided attention when you request it. While we may sometimes be unavailable when you call, when we are connected, there will be no competition for our time. We will give you full attention.

Our support functions are professional.

Our staff will treat you with respect. When you call us our staff will not keep you on hold for a long time.   All our communications will be professional.

Trust and candor

We will not be a burden to you and will inform you should anything go wrong while we are on your site or during the project. We will respect your staff whenever we interact with them.

We respect our client’s culture and operation

Every business has a culture. We will take time to learn how you operate and will not make unreasonable demands on you. We will try to meet the project objectives without disrupting your operations.

We are proactive.

We will be proactive in providing relevant resources which may include verbal advice or  written advice. We will respect your time and will not bother you with unnecessary correspondence.