Good clinical practice training is essential for anyone involved in testing medicines on human volunteers. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) is an ethical and practical standard for the protection of the welfare of all clinical study participants including the integrity of the data collected.

Who needs Good clinical practice training

All the personnel involved in any way during the conduct of clinical trials require GCP training. The purpose of the training is to ensure that the personnel will be able to carry out duties related to the clinical research effectively while protecting the welfare of the study participants. Things that might appear insignificant to the personnel may have significant impact on the study outcome of a clinical study. Good clinical practice training is an important requirement; personnel must also have some experience in the field of work.personnel in a good clinical practice training course

Good clinical practice training frequency

GCP training frequency is variable. Each clinical research protocol has different requirements relating to GCP training. It’s therefore not easy to say how often a person will need GCP training.
After the initial detailed Good clinical practice training, subsequent trainings should not be in as much detail as the initial training. They should be updates in regulations, guidelines, new software, safety and specific applications to the protocol. These trainings may last for a day or a few years. Some people miss the initial detailed Good clinical practice training and begin with the updates. These people tend to face certain challenges which are difficult to overcome

Online Good clinical practice training

Our online courses are results oriented. They help participants gain essential knowledge and practical skills that are relevant to clinical research. Participants also learn to appreciate behavior or attitudes that can compromise the outcome of a clinical study. Our courses focus on the site staff playing different roles in the conduct of clinical trials. If you would like more information please contact us.

We provide initial detailed Good clinical practice training and subsequent GCP updates.

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