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Pharmaceutical Training

Pharmaceutical training is required by the Pharma Industry which in Canada employs more than 60,000 people. Most of them are employed in Montreal and Ontario.

These people are involved in carrying out different pharmaceutical functions such as Research and Development, Quality control and Regulatory Affairs among others. They all need specialized training.
Many pharmaceutical activities are regulated
The […]

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ECTD format Training course

The electronic Common Technical Document usually abbreviated (eCTD) was intended to simplify regulatory submissions to regulators of drug approval. It provides a universal standard for pharmaceutical businesses to submit the required information required for approval of a new drug. The eCTD format is now being used in USA, Canada, Europe, and Japan.

It initially started as […]

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Clinical Research

Clinical Research is an important professional discipline just as Regulatory Affairs. It deals with the art of designing experiments and carrying them out to determine if health products such as new drugs or medical devices are safe and effective for use in health care.

Regulatory professionals require a certain amount of knowledge in Clinical Research as […]

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